Ansible Dark Tower Build Event with Red Hat

Thursday, 13 August 2020

12:00PM - 1:00PM

Building stateless self configuring Ansible Clusters

Register for this event to hear Tony Kay talk about his work on developing a solution that is used by Red Hat’s Global Partner & Technical Enablement team to manage the workloads that Red Hat associates and partners use for training and demos.

Tony is a Senior Principal Solutions Architect based in Colorado, USA and is part of the GPTE team that travels around the globe to deliver Red Hat training.

In 2019 facing an ever increasing load on their control node deploying over 1,000 instances a day across multiple clouds and tracking their state Red Hat’s GPTE team embarked on Project Babylon. Separating Configuration from Code and building stateless self configuring Ansible “Dark Tower” Clusters controlled by stateful OpenShift Operators. This session will give the overall architecture before diving into how the Tower Clusters are deployed and configured.


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